Sunday, June 12, 2011

Leaving To UK

Date: 11/6/2011

Greetings readers! Have not been updating my blog lately due to over-excessively traveling around. Not really for holiday but for some serious business of course. Sigh, I'm writing this post when I'm in the plane while I'm on the way flying to London. Those who knows me, you know I don't like sleeping and 13 hours of flight is sufficient to kill me. I have already watch 2 movies preloaded in my iPad, played my dusty PSP for like 10 times which I have not been using it for like one year plus. It was such a rush decision by the parents sending me to UK. I'm sorry for those who are not informed before hand, because even some of my really close mates also not informed. I'm way beyond hell busy ever since the end of my undergraduate life. Another new journey of life has been started and of course I have been looking forward for this to come ever since 1.5 years ago. I just want a good kickstart no matter which way I have chosen and decided for my path.

Let me share with you guys about my clumsiness this morning in the airport. And I also want to give highest degree of compliments to our Malaysia police force. This morning after I had past through the custom officers, I proceed to the part where inspections of hand carried luggage to the plane conducted by police force. And I'm supposed to take out the electronic devices for inspection. I then take out my iPad and went through the inspection. And bloody hell, I just take my backpack and went off straight away. I left my iPad at the inspection point and walk slowly to the duty free shop to check out some of the perfumes. About 30 mins later, I was queueing up to pay and that is when I realized where the heck is my iPad. I ran back to the inspection point and all the police officers were there and said I left my iPad. They kept it safely at the table & I was so grateful to them. We all know that human being is always filled or seduced by the evil of greed. Anyone could say the iPad belongs to them or the police officers can just kept it & said no iPad was there. However, they kept them nicely for me. They did lectured me in a moderate harsh way saying how could I be so careless left my iPad. They also warned me to take good care of my belongings in UK. That's was really my fault and all of them were showing concern for me going UK alone and worried that I will left my belongings carelessly again. A loud applause to the police force, and I really have to give compliments on them on this.

I'm enjoying red wine right now while typing this post on my iPad. And I couldn't imagine how bad my mood will be if I have lost my iPad prior to my flight. In fact, I could not even enjoy myself when I'm in UK, what more to say an upcoming Europe trip. I'm always a lucky boy although shits do happened around me sometimes I'm always blessed to have good family members around and my foster parents & family. So I'm always proud to tell others, if you have a good parents, please be envy of my because I have my parents and my foster parents to care for me. Ha-ha!

I have not brought the memory stick adaptor and I gotta see when I can upload the photos from my cameras. Brought 2 cameras this time and hope more photos can be captured. Another 1 more hour to reach UK. I pray that everything would be fine when I'm passing through the UK customs. UK Border Agency had strengthen the rules and restrictions for foreigners enter UK. If you read the news, mainly is because more & more illegal immigrants are working there, used holiday as an excuse to enter UK but did not leave UK after that. Moreover, they would be sending monies back their home country causing the fluctuations of the pound sterlings. Finger crossed! Let's hope everything would turn out to be fine.

That's all for now. Will write soon. Take care people!

God bless! Cheers!

Goodbye Malaysia, Hello UK!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Simple Note

Greetings readers, another half day spent on my revision for tomorrow's paper. Having to use another so-called approach for my revision for this semester, I hope I do not flunk in my exam for the last semester of my undergraduate life. Finger crossed. Oh well, too many things happened ever since my last update in blog. Too many, I emphasized. Been through a lot of emotional moments and another heartfelt gratitude to those who never failed to be by my side to lend me a great hand of support. Thank you. Always felt thankful for everything that is around me, be it people around or things happened. Nowadays, I can only summarize my life in a single word - contented. There was always a saying speaking about always feel contented with what you're having; end up you would be having more than what you expect. So true! Oh well, another chapter of life soon to be begin soon and feeling thankful to God that everything started to take place by itself and seems to be a better route in front.

Note to self: Keep moving forward with the increased momentum & eventually will reach the destination.

Note to others: Do not focus on bringing people down because you're only losing focus of your own life. Take full responsibility of your life.

That's all for a short update, blogging from my phone right now because the internet connection is down AGAIN.

God Bless, people.

Till then.


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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Wonderful Weekend

Rise and shine, good morning Monday. I was actually in the mood of blogging since two nights ago but there is not much inspirations what to blog about and therefore keep procrastinating until now. Oh well, blame me for my artistic attitude that in everything I do, I need a lot of inspirations rather than much determination. Ha-ha. Last week was such a killer, killing me softly with lots of problems and assignments as well. However, I'm glad that everything was over making me get to relief a little before the stress building up again for the final exam that will be starting in no time. Perhaps a little more time to rest before sprinting for the last semester, ideally.

Before the week began last week, kick-started with a Personal Financial Planning seminar organize by with AKPK, a government agency set up by Bank Negara Malaysia in April 2006 to provide financial counselling and debt management to individuals as well as financial education to individual to take control with their financial situation and gain peace of mind that comes from the wise use of credit. Well, I'm not really promoting this agency but rather was quite surprised to know there is such a government agency was formed just to help the public in terms of its financial knowledge and manage the debts. The speaker was a young female that share various knowledge and guess what, all the counselling service that they offered are FREE. They distributed some brochures and have taken the effort to scan in to share with my readers. Perhaps this might be useful to you to start knowing how manage your own financial situations before accumulating debts that you cannot afford. Since their service is free, feel free to reach out for specialist that might give you a better form of idea and advices.

the speaker.

After an hour plus of talk went for lunch with friends and then came back continue a second talk was organized by Resorts World, Genting. It was actually some sort like a recruitment talk organized by them came back by various managers and senior vice-presidents from Genting. The talk was started by an introduction about Genting's staff and followed by a comprehensive video that talks about how it was started and some of the points of attractions in Genting. Later, they are offering very good fringe-benefits while explaining the consistent expansion of their business. Sounds interesting for me but somehow I do have a bigger plan in mind, that's why I also scan the brochures for everyone to have a look. Who knows maybe for those who are seeking for internship/industrial training also can find Genting is a good place for you to undergo training or internship that you want to have an overview picture how is the real world is really running and attain the opportunity to undergo real hands-on experience and applications after going through all the theories.

Later in that evening, went for a sport session with all the church mates in KTAR as the fellowship for that week is sport events. We had captain ball and Frissbee (Flying Disc) that day. However, that day was having rain and we had to played captain ball in the badminton court and Frissbee at the field. Nothing much for that day, it was really rare for me to do sports due to some personal issue; not only due to slacking attitude. Anyway, some random photos snapped during the sports sessions.

Frissbee (The Flying Disc)

And then, it was just an impulse evening that I woke up and feel like asking my classmates to join me for dinner. So, it goes like last 10 minutes informing everyone and pressuring them to go to East Ocean Restaurant for dinner. Ha-ha! Oh well, I have this artistic mood that I don't like to plan early and makes everyone was a little blur. Some cannot join me because already had their dinner early; others I don't know. Oh well, it was a wonderful dinner as you all can see the dishes below. My friend complaint that she felt hungry looking at pictures in my blog and I'm feeling proud that the pictures can make people drool. Ha-ha. The sense of satisfaction is indeed perfect. Lets proceed to the photos now. Ha-ha.

love birds
(Note: Check out her blog, here)

the big family :)

That's all for now, people.

May God bless everyone with good health & safety always.

Cheers. :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rainy Day

Hello readers, I hope each and everyone of you are doing well and fine no matter where ever you are at right now. Today have been an unproductive day; thanks to the nice and cozy weather in the early morning then start pouring the whole afternoon and it's still drizzling right now out there. It is always good to hide under the blanket and watching drama series in such a nice weather, perhaps my motivation tends to go on vacation on rainy day. Life has been good, I supposed. Everything is fine although a little stressed out recently due to the workloads piling up and I'm not really giving them timely attention, at least not until the deadline is approaching. Getting more and more comments from friends that they have not seen me in the campus recently. Oh well, perhaps did not spend much time around the campus when there is not any classes on. I used to be around the campus very often, almost everyday. Be it for hiding in the library or for other purposes, I will be there.

So, what have I been up to lately? I wouldn't say I'm busy searching for jobs but not denying that I would welcome jobs offer with open hand. Last few weeks, KLK Berhad came to my campus conduct a small talk and let soon-to-be graduates to go for the interview for different positions. I went to few of my friends and also attended the interview. After 1 week plus, I got a notification from my university officers that I have to attend the second interview at D216A. So, I went to Block D in the early morning. Guess what, I couldn't find D216A after being almost 3 years studying here because I didn't know D216A is inside D216 it was the deans and deputy deans office in D216. Oh man, I was a little nervous at first, thinking that it might be a prank but it is not possible that it called directly from the university main line number. Sigh, my mood was a little affected by then and was planning to go back until I met the one of the interviewee as well. Only 4 persons was there to interviewed for the second round. Overall, I'm satisfied with my performance during the second interview, much better than the first one of course. I do not know how is the outcome would be but I surrendered it to God and let Him to lead the way for me. Personally, I would say I will have prove to others that my university life is not wasted and it had built me into a person. 56 days more to the end of the semester, supposedly. Another new chapter of life may begin soon or it will be an extended one depending on the situation. No matter what, this 56 days are meant for me cherish the remaining days in the undergraduate life.

Well, nothing much to write about and I guess it's time that I shall stop here and rest early for an entrepreneurship talk tomorrow in the morning. May God bless all of us. My thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese victims that suffered the earthquake and Tsunami.


Saw this nice heart shape cake in Secret Recipe :)

Had Mutton + Octopus Curry Rice after the interview

Eclipse, that keeps me going.


Raw Oyster FTW

My hair-do products :)

Good night. God Bless. Adios~

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tg. Tualang Food Hunting

Here comes the third month of 2011 and sometimes we thought why would the time passing so slow but in actual it keeps going despite of the endless troubles surrounding us. Oh well, having a mid-term test for the kick-start of March which I think I screwed up big times. I have no choice to let it go since it was my own problem that did not put enough effort & attention to it. I was asked to join my friends to Tg. Tualang for seafood after the test. Nowadays I don't really have much appetite and I wonder why. Perhaps life is too stress? Ha-ha! Life has been good & going carefree most of time where people around me might not be too comfortable with it, I supposed. Well, I don't know. You guys are the one who must give me some feedback about it.

Just a short post before heading to the class later. Let's check my pictures out. Thank God there are pictures here in this post. I always wanted to write something but it de-motivated me a lot when it isn't anything fascinate my readers although my photography skill is bad. Ha-ha.

Done with the test & everyone is waiting eagerly to leave the hall

Checking the weather before starting our journey

Destination arrived.

Price tag :)

Inspection by the Health Department officers

the guys.

the girls.



That's for now, farewell.

God Bless.